Online Homeschooling Lets Technology Do the Work For You

Our online homeschooling Learning System was designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. Teaching 8 children at home, being pregnant and nursing almost continually, the creators of the Learning By Grace Christian Online Homeschooling Programs knew what busy, stressed out homeschooling looks like.

So they created an online homeschool system that does record keeping, delivers daily lessons, creates a Portfolio, and just about everything else a successful home school family needs giving the parent more time to enjoy their children.

Using their technological expertise, they set out to let technology do the work that most homeschooling parents have to do themselves.


Every child gets their own “Student Homeroom”. Homeroom page contains:

1)      Courses,

2)      Announcements,

3)      My Library

4)      My Calendar

5)      Bible link

6)      My Locker (contains Academy Handbook)

7)      Daily Devotion

Every day your online homeschool student will receive the next lesson in his/her courses. When the lesson is submitted online, the next one appears. You do not have to follow a specific schedule.


Every lesson has a grade you can access anytime.


Every second the online home school student is working is documented in the TimeLog. Perfect for proving to the local school districts exactly when and how much time your child spent learning.


A way for the student to obtain instructional credit for the time spent on offline work and when on assigned websites.


Parents and students have their own message center for receiving and sending emails to teachers.


A Safe & Moderated place to chat with school mates.


An official record of the progress the student is making course by course.


An official record of the grades the student received in each course.

For a more comprehensive look at our online home schooling course content, the meat of our curriculum, we invite you to review our Course Demo.

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