Mimi Rothschild: Taking Learning to the Next Level

Mimi Rothschild, an author, educator, and mother of eight, is determined to change the world. Driven by her passion for justice and the Lord’s truth, her multi-faceted professional path has one thread - the creation of new programs that are truly worthy of children.

Mimi Rothschild’s passion for children’s rights began at age 10. After watching the bloated bellies of Biafran children on the nightly television news, Rothschild took a coffee can and began her very own door to door campaign to collect change for hungry kids. Within several years, she led one of the nation’s first Walks on Hunger which raised money for hungry children in Tanzania, Biafra and West Virginia.

During college, Mimi Rothschild’s next avenue for effecting change was through filmmaking. Her experience on the set working with theologian Francis Schaeffer and Dr. C. Everett Koop on their acclaimed film series Whatever Happened to the Human Race? convinced Rothschild of the power of political and social activism.

In 1980, Rothschild founded the Rothschild Doll Company whose mission was to create beautiful playthings while providing an economic base to struggling single mothers. The Rothschild Doll Company established opportunities for countless women to learn a trade and earn a living through her sewing factories in Haiti and Jamaica.

After giving birth to her first child in 1983, she decided that “public schools were not healthy for children and other living things” to paraphrase an expression used to describe war in the 1960’s.  In the 1980’s, while knee deep in pregnancy, breastfeeding and diapers, Mimi Rothschild authored a manuscript of the dangers of public schooling, originally titled, Children at Risk after the government sponsored report called “Nation at Risk.” Both Rothschild’s book as well as the famous 1983 report summarized the status of public schools by saying that “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might have well as viewed it as an act of war.”

In 1987, in the very office of John Holt, who is best known for his “ Teach Your Own” manifesto on home education and his publication Growing without Schooling, Rothschild co-founded the Massachusetts Home Learning Association which is still serving homeschoolers throughout Massachusetts twenty years later.

Using the expertise gained while running an international doll manufacturing company, Mimi Rothschild opened a chain of children’s clothing stores in the early 1990’s. The stores were a great opportunity to employ local homeschoolers and of course, her growing family used the retail outlets as their own intensive lesson in real life business. Her line of clothing and gently-used clothes which were sold in the retail stores in malls; the proceeds were used to send excess inventory to clothe children in rehabilitation centers, children’s hospitals and children in orphanages in Russia and Guatemala.

Throughout Mimi Rothschild’s decades of homeschooling, she had never been satisfied with the quality of curriculum materials available and had avidly worked with other homeschoolers to establish co-ops, internships and real life learning experiences. While on bed rest while pregnant with triplets, Rothschild and her then four children decided to assemble a list of all of the very best educational resources on the web for children. To their astonishment, this homeschool project became a series of books published by McGraw Hill! How thrilled her kids must have been when they saw their books on display at the local Borders, in the front window no less!

Subsequent to the 1997 Cyberspace for Kids book series, Mimi Rothschild wrote Teen Resources on the Web: A Guide for Librarians, Parents and Teachers and co-wrote Crash Bang Boom: Exploring Literary Devices through Children’s Literature.

In the 90s, Rothschild founded the child advocacy group, The National Organization for Children, to honor her beloved son, Andrew who died tragically. Programs for which she fought include the placement of computers in children’s hospitals, the development of an online medical error hotline, and the creation of online resources for parents of children with learning differences.

In 2000, along with her husband of 28 years, Howard Mandel, she founded Learning By Grace, Inc. a ministry that provides state of the art online educational services to Christian homeschooling families. The academies managed by Learning By Grace offer innovative online multimedia-rich PreK-12 courses.


Mimi Rothschild
10 Shurs Lane, Suite 202
Philadelphia, PA 19127

Mimi Rothchild's Curriculum Vitae



10 Shurs Lane - Suite 202 - Philadelphia, PA 19127
215.487.3700 - MRothschild@LearningByGrace.org


27 years successful veteran providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership in education, technology and manufacturing





  • Co-founded international provider of online educational programs for PreK -12 students'
  • Led a team of programmers, instructional designers, artists, editors, media specialists, and educators in the development of 150 online PreK-12 courses which contains over 32,000 web pages
  • Developed 4 th generation customized robust Learning Management System that enrolls, registers courses, logs instructional time, and hosts suite of learning tools
  • Created and first to market with Talking eBooks
  • Managed direct reports in Finance, Operations, Academics, Business Development, Legal and Technology Departments

Notable Accomplishments:

  • The Grace Academy, a partnership between parents and professionals to meet students' needs
  • The Morningstar Academy, a private Christian school serving home based learners
  • The Jubilee Academy, an online curriculum provider that assists home educators
  • The Victory Math Academy, an online tutoring service for students struggling with math
  • Partners By Grace Program which empowers non profit entities such as churches and schools to build their own virtual academies
  • Created the first online curriculum for Pre-Kindergarteners

Special Projects Director



  • Technical specification documentation for learning management platform
  • Recruited certified school teachers in all academic departments
  • Supervised curriculum development of multimedia rich online courses
  • Enrolled and supervised the education of 3300 students
  • Ensured compliance with state charter & public school regulations
  • Developed internal procedures and controls, allocated staff and implemented best practices and performance monitoring systems in support of Continuous Improvement
  • Negotiated licensing agreements with vendors such as the computer, curriculum and Internet providers
  • Supervised the identification of and delivery of special education services to over 300 students

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Recipient of Small Business Innovation Research Award for the development of S.A.L,.L.Y, the system to advance lifelong literacy, a bot-based system that would tutor struggling readers
  • Developed the largest cyber charter school serving K-12 students in the world


1992 - 1996


  • Manufactured and retained a line of children's specialty clothing

Vice President/Chief Designer

1990 - 1994


  • Provided sculpting and design services to Walt Disney, Franklin Mint, Lenox China, Paradise Galleries


1979 - 1982


  • Owned and operated twenty three (23) retail stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
  • Supervised site selection, leasing agreements, store build out, and design
  • Managed advertising and marketing initiatives including radio campaign
  • Developed wholesale and retail distribution outlets
  • Recruited and trained employee teams to staff stores


  • Author, Mimi Rothschild, Children at Risk: How Schools Impede Learning, Change The World, Inc. 2007
  • Author, Mimi Mandel, co-authored with Karen A. Gibson, Crash Bang Boom: Exploring Literary Devices Through children's Literature , Upstart Books, a division of Highsmith Press, October 2002
  • Author, The Einstein Academy Charter School Application, 250 page business model for the development of a robust K-12 virtual public school, 1999-2000
  • Author, Mimi Mandel, co-authored with Aliza Mandel, Teen Resources on the Web: A Guide for Librarians , Parents and Teachers , Highsmith Press, June, 2000
  • Author, Mimi Mandel, Cyberspace for Kids (Grades 1-2), Instructional Fair/McGraw-Hill, 1998
  • Author, Mimi Mandel, Cyberspace for Kids (Grades 3-4), Instructional Fair/McGraw-Hill, 1998
  • Author, The Mandel Kids, Cyberspace for Kids(Grades 5-6), Instructional Fair/McGraw-Hill, 1998
  • Author, The Mandel Kids, Cyberspace for Kids(Grades 7-8), Instructional Fair/McGraw-Hill, 1998



  • How Children Learn
  • Play For the Brain
  • The Socialization Myth
  • Praying for the Prodigal
  • The SAT's - A Fair Fight?
  • Story Telling in Education
  • The Great Grammar Debate
  • Religion and the Charter School
  • Recognizing Your Gifted Student
  • Learning through the Enjoyment of Play
  • The Dawn of a New Generation of School
  • Charter Schools - Getting What They Pay for
  • Redefining Traditional and Classic Education
  • Teaching Your Child How to Think Critically
  • Charter Schools - The Public School Renaissance
  • Diplomas Aren't the Only Way to Get Into College
  • Discovering Order for Kids with Psychiatric Disorders
  • Benefits of Homeschooling the Artistically Gifted Child
  • The Maine Reform Experiment - More is Not Necessarily Better
  • How Multimodal Distance Education has Supplemented Learning
  • Let's Go Surfing - Use of the Internet for Career Counseling in Schools
  • Technology Allows Young Composers to Hear and Discuss Their Own Music
  • Policies and Perceptions - How do Admissions Officers View Homeschool Education?
  • The Gospel According to Bruce, Presenter at Glory Days Symposium, Monmouth University


  • Founder, Ministry Grants, a program that provides scholarships of up to 80% of tuition to Christian schools for families that are in the full time ministry
  • Co-Founder, The National Organization for Children, wrote grant applications for 1) an online medical error hotline, 2) CHILD LIFELINE, a program to place computers in all US children's hospitals, ADDVANTAGE, an online resource for children with Attention Deficit Disorder, children's holocaust museum and REACH, a state wide virtual charter school
  • Co-Producer, RADIO GRACE, an online radio station streaming Christian worship, gospel, and rock music free of charge 24/7/365
  • Executive Producer, The Learning By Grace Moment, a one minute radio program that about education and children in 130 Christian markets throughout the country
  • Developer, eSchoolResources.com, a free online digital library that contains 5000 electronic textbooks, encyclopedias, bibles, dictionaries for use by educators
  • Co-Founder, Massachusetts Home Learning Association, 1987
  • Co-Chairperson, American Freedom from Hunger Foundation's Walk for Hunger, 1971, raised money to alleviate hunger in Tanzania and Appalachia


  • Parent's Choice Award, Cyberspace for Kids, 1999
  • Best Children's Retail Store, Amazing Gracie's, MetroKids, 1996
  • DOTY Doll of the Year Award, Doll Reader Magazine, 1985


Temple University - BA in Radio, Television & Film


Since 1979 with 8 children

Dear Jubilee Academy,

I want to say a big thank you and let you know that my family has greatly benefitted from utilizing your online program. It has been a tremendous blessing to us for the past 2 years and we look forward to having our second son begin your program in the upcoming months.

We began the process of homeschooling because we were unsatisfied with the amount of learning that our first son was getting while involved with the Headstart Program. My wife's ability to teach became evident, in that what she provided at home put our son ahead of what he was getting in Headstart's educational program. We looked at other Homeschooling Curriculums and we were even given a full curriculum for free from another homeschooler. Although it was free for us, it cost them a great deal of money and we felt a sense of obligation to explore the program and use it as much as we could. This was a short-lived experience.

We discovered that my wife's time was greatly spent in trying to organize lessons and keep records, but her passion was in teaching, being creative, and allowing our son (only one at the time) to explore ways of learning. We searched online and found your program. I can't even completely remember how we ended up with your program, as there were many to look at, but I truly believe that it had to be God.

I know that we were concerned with the record-keeping and we needed some direction in the lesson planning. Your program gave all of that and more. We would have been satisfied with just the online lessons, because we were prepared to buy reading materials and other supplemental learning materials to assist us. But, pleasantly surprising, your program provided those materials and more. It even provided software (CD's and DVD's)!

So, I could go on and on and on. Suffice it to say, my wife and I value education tremendously and we invested in our children's future (financially, spiritually, and with our time given to them). Your program gives us the commodity of time, because it helps us to be efficient. Thank you so much for developing this program and making it available for us and many other families. Your focus on Christ is evident, you are open to hearing feedback and acting upon it, and you provide sufficient materials for families to use. Although your program is a business and needs to survive by bringing in funds for future existence and growth, at the same time you have caring and professional people working for you on the front and back end. That part is not a necessity. That part is done because you care about the people that you are serving.

On that note, I want to thank you for sending your staff to the INCH Conference on May 2nd and 3rd, 2008. They were fantabulous (okay, yeah, that's not a real word, but you understand)! We were so happy to see the Jubilee Academy represented. When I saw the logo, I was like -Yes!- on the inside and I immediately went and spoke to them. Later, I told my wife to close her eyes and informed her that she had some old "new" friends to meet. I brought her over and introduced her and she was so happy! We told them about how much we love the program and how we even purchased a large screen TV and hooked up the computer to it, so that my oldest son, Marcas Jr., could do his Jubilee work!

In the upcoming year, we will be enrolling my younger son, Mitchell, into your program and we look forward to continued success and freedom to educate our children with your organized, Christ-focused curriculum. You have been, and are right now, an answer to our prayers. If there's anything I can do to further your progress, please let me know.

Marcas Bradley, MA, LPC, SCL, Ed.S.

Mimi Rothschild is pleased to introduce a free resource for online homeschoolers at www.TheNarniaAcademy.org. According to Mimi Rothschild, "we are offering 12 free weeks of online lessons for the movie Prince Caspian". In addition to the educational material for homeschoolers on Caspian, the website also offers 12 weeks on The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe. Go to www.TheNarniaAcadmey.org to sign up for this free homeschooling resource.

Mimi Rothschild, Founder of the Learning By Grace, Inc. Family of Academies has recently sponsored a child through Compassion International. While attending Creation East last week, I came across the Compassion table and was instantly drawn to a magnificent little girl from Rwanda named Izabrizia. Without looking at another child on the table, I knew she was the one our family was to sponsor. It is a great privilege to be able to help, even in a very tiny way, with the enormous plight of impoverished children. Compassion International is one of the world leaders in providing humanitarian aide to children.

Powers Virtual Academy
Kathi Powers
Program Coordinator
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Dear Mimi Rothschild and Learning by Grace,

My name is Kathi Powers Santos; I am the program coordinator for a home school co-op that we call The Powers Virtual Academy. We are a group of families that have grown from 5 families to 26 in the past five years. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the success of our co-op using the Jubilee Academy as our program of choice.

Our children come from all different types of back grounds and all have different needs that the public school system does not have.

Many of our kids are professional athletes who travel the world. They can not attend public school due to attendance policies and making up work. The other bulk of our children have needs that simply are overlooked by the public school teachers and it system.

Some of our children have special needs that include vision impairment, ADD, ADHD, reading disabilities, severe allergies, and other learning challenges that have not been able to be tolerated in the public system.

With the Jubilee program, all of our children have been successful. The program allows each child to work at their own pace. Faster for some and slower for others. When it comes to my child who is legally blind, she uses the sayz me program that helps her read the words she can't see. Skyler has been with us for 4 years and will be graduating from High School this year with a 4.0 average. In public school, she was pushed aside and made fun of by her class mates. We are all so proud of Skyler and her success; she will be attending Daytona State College next year.

The Jubilee program is great for kids with ADD! We have 5 kids that were considered "problem children" and were on the verge of being labeled as Special Ed students in public school. They have all come to me and are now beaming with self confidence and are all successful. These youngsters work for a bit, go outside and run around, come back and work for a bit more. The public school system has taken away recess. These kids just need to burn a little energy. The Jubilee program accommodates these kids and they are doing great.

As for children with physical aliments, the kids can work from home and not miss work that is assigned to them. I monitor them and keep them on a pace to finish their online assignments if they can not come to our group.

Each year, we have students that graduate from High School with a great outlook on their future. They all have gone on to college and have reported back to me of their success. I have new parents come to me every year. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful program that can accommodate so many different needs of these wonderful children that have come into my life. They are all different, all special and with the Jubilee Academy, they are all now successful.

Thank you and blessings,

Kathi Powers Santos

Mimi Rothschild On the Pennsylvania School SpyCam Case

Mimi Rothschild writes:

IMHO, the case typifies the arrogant abuse of power that has characterized the majority of our nation's school districts for decades. What this case should demonstrate with anyone who has eyes to see is that our public education system cannot be trusted. While there are certainly well meaning and dedicated educators within the public system, the record shows, and is further corroborated by the audacious and criminal actions of the Lower Merion School District personnel, that our schools cannot be trusted with something as small as the tracking of stolen computers without violating the Fourth Amendment and at least a half of a dozen of other laws, let alone the enormous and life changing education of our children.

As the Co-Founder of Learning By Grace, a provider of online Academies for almost ten years, we do not supply computers to our families nor do we utlize web cams for the very reason that we cannot control how a misguided employee or other unauthorized individual might abuse them. As helpful as it could be to the educational process to have a visual component to our 1:1 real time Live Tutoring, we have repeatedly determined that the risks are not worth the rewards.

It is critical for homeschoolers to understand the difference between the free government sponsored public charter schools that are online and seduce homeschoolers with their list of freebies and the private online homeschooling programs and Academies or online homeschooling curriculum providers designed for online homeschooling that have no government control or restrictions of freedoms.

Mimi Rothschild
Co-Founder, Learning By Grace, Inc
Homeschooling Mom of 8 and Lower Merion Resident for 20 years

Mimi Rothschild's Quote of the Day:

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe." 
- Anatole France

Dear Mrs. Rothschild,

My name is *** *****, and my son ****** is currently attending his third consecutive year at the Morning Star Academy. This program has been a monumental blessing, on so many unexpected levels! ******* is dually diagnosed with high functioning autism and achondroplasia (dwarfism). After spending five long grueling years navigating the special education system in NJ, I am convinced that Autism and conventional education/school don't mix. I finally decided to stop fighting the system, by taking matters into my own hands, and leaping into the world of online education. All of my/our attention and focus is now completely directed to my son, rather than gearing up for the next (never-ending) battle with the school administration. Removing our son from the boxed, slow-paced, standardized educational system, has been a remarkable experience! The benefits have been enormous, on all levels -- he thoroughly enjoys academics now, has become an advanced writer, and through the large variety of course selections offered is now concentrating on a career in psychology. The Morning Star program has opened his world up. It has also provided him with a sense of increased responsibility, and the luxury of personal time management, allowing him to dedicate time to studying piano. Had he still been enrolled in traditional classroom education, he/we would have never had the opportunity to discovered his natural giftedness for piano. It's been an amazingly positive time of growth, and development!

This leap of faith into online education has been so successful, that he has been a a dedicated student at the Morning Star Academy since September of 2007. At the time of his initial enrollment, there was a tuition guarantee stating that the total annual cost will never be increased for students enrolled in the same academy each year. The Morning Star Academy has been wonderful in honoring this guarantee, and it has been a lifesaving benefit for our family!

I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you and share in more detail what the Morning Star has done for my family, if you have the time. Please know that I/we are deeply grateful for the Morning Star Academy.

*** *****
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