Online Homeschooling Summer Program

July 7, 2010 through September 4, 2010  (Enroll anytime throughout.)

Choose from over 150 Christian online homeschool courses!  Elementary, Middle or
High School Online Courses.

Online Summer sessions are available at all of the Learning By Grace Managed Academies.

Take 1 or as many as you want!

You get our regular 36 week full year course and the full 1 credit for the 9 weeks from July 7, 2010 through August 4, 2010. It is well paced and you cover a lot of material!

Bored Kids?

Do you find your kids around all summer with nothing to do? Is the thought of your children's academic advantage slipping away all too painfully familiar? Are they spending more time playing video games than expanding their mind?

Keep Growing Minds Sharp

Our online  Summer School Program is exactly what growing minds need to stay strong, sharp, and ahead of the rest. Use those endless summer days to improve your child's future and stop thinking to yourself, "Next summer will be different."

Try Online Homeschooling

If you haven't already considered online homeschooling now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Online Summer School Program. All of our courses are taught online and can be worked on anytime. That means there's no problem scheduling your child's home schooling around softball, the pool, or family get-togethers.

9 Week Program

Our 9-week home school program allows children to learn at their pace, anywhere there is the internet, Even if you aren't home schooling your kids, summer is the perfect time to see how easy it is for kids to beef up on weak subjects or pull ahead of the rest of the class through online home schooling.

Get Ready for College

Learning By Grace’s Online Summer School Program is also great for students who want to prepare for college-level courses, make up missed classes, learn a new skill, or just have a fun time learning this summer. With the ability to earn credit towards your High School Diploma through online homeschool courses, it's even easier to get your kids where they deserve to be.

  • Preparation for College

  • Replace a low grade with a better one

  • Make up missed classes

  • Learn a brand new skill

  • Earn credit for your High School Diploma

Our online summer school courses will provide countless hours of engaging and safe fun that is guaranteed to stir your child's imagination. You will wonder how you ever got through a summer without us! Our limited spaces are filling up quickly and enrollment will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

We strongly encourage you to enroll today!

Credit for Missing Courses

Did you miss a course because of illness, a family situation or whatever?

Need to make up that credit, or you won't graduate with your class?

Find Your Passion

Is your child gifted musically? Scientifically? Mathematically?

Helping children discover their gifts is one of the parents most important responsibilities. Help your child find their passions by trying one of our  Delight Driven Elective courses.

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