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The Learning By Grace Preschool Program focuses on building the following skills in the following areas:

Jubilee English Pre-Kindergarten: Exploring Words
The Jubilee English Preschool Program focuses on building skills necessary for fundamental language development. Packed with creative art activities, songs, and stories, Pre-K English will help students to express themselves clearly, enhance their listening capabilities, and recognize positioning and letter shapes. English will motivate children to speak, write, and listen, and enjoy themselves throughout the process.

Victory Math Pre-Kindergarten: Fun with Numbers
Our Victory Math Preschool Program focuses on building skills necessary for fundamental numeric and problem solving skills. Through engaging counting activities and hands-on projects, children will learn to recognize numerals, identify uses of numbers, and participate in investigating experiences. Math will motivate students to count and identify shapes and numbers by making the process satisfying and enjoyable.

Discovering God's Creation Science Pre-Kindergarten: The Wonderful World
Our Discovering God's Creation Science Preschool Program focuses on building skills necessary for fundamental discovery, observation, and investigative skills. Through inspiring activities, videos, and stories, children will explore a variety of experiences that will stimulate curiosity. Science encourages students to observe and analyze the world around them. Students will have so much hands-on fun, they won't realize how much they're learning!

Heritage Social Studies Pre-Kindergarten: Me and My Home
Our Heritage Social Studies Preschool Program focuses on building skills necessary for fundamental community awareness and appreciation. As children create projects, read stories, watch videos, and sing songs, the world around them will be highlighted. Students will enjoy learning about family and home life, community figures, holidays, and history.

Living Word Bible Pre-Kindergarten: God is Good
Our Living Word Bible Preschool Program focuses on building skills necessary for the comprehension and appreciation of Creationism. Students will read stories and explore activities that reveal God's loving and nurturing character. By examining Bible teachings in an inspiring and stimulating manner, children will want to learn more about their Creator.



Our Pre-Kindergarten Multimedia Series is a selection of Audio, VHS, and/or DVD material carefully grouped onto CDs as a requirement for various courses.  The content is rich with up-to-date information that helps direct students in their learning process, while specifically complementing the text provided in the lessons.  

Extra Credit

Students will be given optional assignments to complete based on these materials. If they choose to complete the assignments, they will receive extra credit points towards their course grade. *

Math Assortment Your student will receive a workbook of exciting activities to help them learn important beginning math skills .

Beginning to Learn About Talking is a great first look at human language, with bright illustrations for young readers.

My Baby and Me Story Bible helps little hearts learn to love the Bible. And when Mommy's there, learning God's Word is fun!

Jesus Listens to Me: Talking, listening, and giving " some of the Bible's teachings, beautifully illustrated here for young readers.

Bible Stories Read the amazing stories of the Bible with your child and learn important lessons for life.

Assortment A Your student will receive a book about God's amazing word and the world He created.

Learn About Numbers- 1 to 10: Fun Time Fold-Out Book that teaches kids numbers using bright images.

*All materials are subject to change and are available on a limited basis.

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