Online Home School Support Teams for Families

The Learning By Grace Support Teams consist of Academic Counselors and subject area experts who understand the needs of online home school families. Depending on the academy in which you have chosen to enroll, varying degrees of teacher support are available to you. For an overview of these differing support levels, go to Compare Christian Online Home School Academies

Support Team members are available to assist online home school parents and students with suggestions, advice, assignments, and help with a variety of curriculum questions.

Learning By Grace teachers are passionate about online home schooling  and are dedicated to each student's academic success.

 Learning By Grace Support Teams are available during school hours from 8:30 Am – 5PM EST with the right answer and a helpful, encouraging attitude.

Learning By Grace is a group of visionary individuals committed to harnessing technology to create engaging learning experiences for children throughout the world.

The dedicated staff at Learning By Grace have come together to fulfill a common vision, online home schooling that truly meets the families needs and helps children achieve academic success.

We have developed a Christian online home school program where children could move ahead at their own pace, with no geographic or economic restrictions, while respecting the individual differences and gifts of each child.

Learning By Grace Online Home School Academies are a place where  families receive the support and assistance they need to help them succeed in the difficult job of homeschooling.
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