Information Concerning Education Today & Homeschooling by Mimi Rothschild

About Our Academy

The MorningStar Academy is an online K-12 homeschooling academy that offers families the opportunity to enroll their children in a full-time online private Christian school at a fraction of the cost of traditional private school. Our program is comprised of a nationally accredited, registered series of over 140 courses.

Our curriculum is a cutting-edge multimedia array that engages learners of all ages with textbooks, video, sound, and interactive online activities that make learning fun. Both gifted and special needs students are able to work at their own pace, preventing them from feeling stifled or left behind. Furthermore, our curriculum is rooted in Biblical truths. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are learning straight from the Word.

MorningStar students are excited about learning! Our curriculum is available 24/7 and comes with the assistance from our experienced professional teachers. Our students can chat with our teachers at the push of a button throughout their school day when they need some extra help. As a result, even the busiest parents are able to provide their child with a quality home education.


To learn more, visit The MorningStar Academy home page.